We are pleased to announce the launch of Trafika Europe Radio season two on Sunday 04 October 2020. To listen live: https://trafikaeurope.org/go/radio. On launch day we’ll be featuring the following five episodes in our Livestream:

12pm in NY = 5pm in London — Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White — Host Andrew Singer interviews publisher John O’Brien about the Press, including some of its many highlights in publishing key European literary works in English over the years. (50 minutes)

1pm in NY = 6pm in London = 8pm in Romania — The Middle Ground — Romanian author Bogdan Suceavă and translator Alistair Ian Blyth discuss some developments of Romanian language and history in the context of the short story, “The Miraculous Tale of Man’s Ascent to the Heavens“. Includes a full audio reading of this story by the translator. The Middle Ground is a new audio series on Trafika Europe Radio showcasing literature from Central and Eastern Europe! (45 minutes)

2pm in NY = 7pm in London = 8pm in Spain — Bowery Poetry Speaks — Translator Daniel Hahn speaks with host Joe Williams about My Plague Diary, a set of experimental literary pieces in Spanish by Gonçalo M.Tavares. Includes readings from the work in translation. Excerpts of this work will be appearing in the forthcoming Trafika Europe 19 with focus on new literature from Spain and Portugal, due out in November! (47 minutes)

3pm in NY = 8pm in London = 10pm in Turkey — Turkish Sofa — Çağla Meknuze speaks with Alper Ağdaşan about her poetry, metaphors and allusions. She discusses her poetry through experiments abroad and in Turkey, as well as at poetry festivals, and we enjoy a cappella in English extracted from her poems and performed by the dancer Mairi Pardalaki (23 minutes)

4pm in NY = 9pm in London and Portugal — Women in Translation — Portuguese author and performer Patrícia Portela and translator Rahul Bery talk with host Joe Williams. The short story “Saturday” will be included in Trafika Europe 19, an issue devoted to new Spanish and Portuguese writing, due out in November. This episode contains some audio anomalies – sorry about that! (53 minutes)

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