Trafika Europe Radio’s Season 7 will debut on Sunday, September 17, 2023. We will be live broadcasting a mixture of new and old episodes to honor the memory of our late Director, Andrew Singer. Trafika Europe officially began our radio in 2020, a part of the project that was conceptualized since the official launch in 2014. We are pleased to be honoring Andrew on the start of our next season. This debut will include a mixture of old and new episodes, all of which relate to the legacy that Andrew is leaving behind. Take a look at the below schedule to get an idea about what’s coming up. For more details about each episode, keep scrolling!

EUPL Montenegrin Author Ilija Đurović (New)

10am EDT (New York) = 3pm BST (UK) = 4pm CEST (Montenegro)

Andrew started working with the European Union Prize for Literature during our third season of the radio. He always sought new partners and really wanted to spread community across Europe and European writers through collaboration.In this new episode, Montenegrin author Ilija Đurović talks with host, Andrew Singer, about his EUPL-awarded novel Sampas. This series is a cooperation with the European Union Prize for Literature and other partners. Andrew created the Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature in the third season of our radio. You’ll continue to hear his voice on many episodes throughout this season that he recorded before passing.

Eco-Lit Sam Lee and Cosmo Sheldrake (Season 3)

11am EDT (New York) = 4pm BST (UK) = 5pm CEST (Paris & Berlin)

Despite Andrew not being in this episode, this is one of Andrew’s favorite from our third season of the radio. Host, Joe Williams, speaks with folksinger, song collecter, and author Sam Lee and musician and music producer Cosmo Sheldrake about the importance of preserving natural soundscapes.

Bowery Poetry Speaks The Brothers Gillespie (Season 2)

12pm EDT (New York) = 5pm BST (UK) = 6pm CEST (Paris & Berlin)


Andrew was very taken by folk music by the Brothers Gillespie. He even created our first radio concert with the group. In this previously published episode from Season 2, exquisite UK musical folk duo The Brothers Gillespie — Sam and James — speak with host Andrew Singer about their songcraft and its development and inspiration from the tradition and community in and around Northumberland and the Scottish Borders region. Not to be missed! Includes songs from the group. 

Bowery Poetry Speaks Glyn Maxwell (Season 2)

1pm EDT (New York) = 6pm BST (UK) = 7pm CEST (Paris & Berlin)


In addition to Trafika Europe, Andrew was also a creative individual. In this episode, he opens up and talks about his own creative writing alongside UK poet, playwright, and teacher, Glyn Maxwell. In this incisive and fascinating conversation, Maxwell discusses form in poetry. We consider work from the poet W. H. Auden, discuss verse theater, and Glyn also reads his own poems, “Thinking Earth” and “The Snow Village”.


Directors Interview—Andrew Singer Discusses Trafika Europe (New)

2pm EDT (New York) = 7pm BST (UK) = 8pm CEST (Paris & Berlin)

As long time Editor and Outreach Coordinator for Trafika Europe, Clayton McKee had the privilege of sitting down with Andrew Singer to discuss the development of Trafika Europe over the years. This new conversation between the late Director and the new Director is a follow up from previous talks and interviews that Andrew gave throughout his career.

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