Trafika Europe Radio has completed its first year

Thanks so much – Trafika Europe Radio has completed its first year!

As perhaps the world’s first “literary radio station”, we’ve curated more than 175 literary podcast episodes in our first year, and our livestream continues 24/7 with hundreds of tracks of “literary music” from across Europe, and more – dip in anytime and you may find Armenian choral music, Greek polyphonic women’s choir, Welsh punk and Romansch post-punk, poetry/sound experiments from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Spain (including Galician and Catalan), French, Yiddish, and English folk, Roma (gypsy) music, Swiss avant-garde – and so on and on and on and on and on. It’s a great soundtrack to your day:

And if you’re looking for literary highlights to catch up on, we launched two new series in this past season (Trafika Europe Radio season three) which we’re especially proud of:

“Eco-Lit” features works and wisdom from authors and poets in vital connection with our natural environment – we can recommend the episodes with Scottish nature poet and environmentalist Mandy Haggith, with Sam Lee and Cosmo Sheldrake on birdsong, with Julia Fiedorczuk on Ecopoetics, and with Bulgarian nature writer and educator Dimiter Kenarov, for a start!

And we hope you’ll also check out our new “Trafika Europe Radio Theater” mini-series, with original European theatrical plays translated to English and adapted for radio – the last installment in particular, King Gordogan (1943) by Croatian surrealist playwright Radovan Ivšić, is one we worked darn hard to produce for radio! Each installment in this series includes a conversation with the creators, following the performance.

This is all in addition to our other regular audio series of course, including Women in Translation, The Middle Ground – exploring literature and literary communities from across Central and Eastern Europe, Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature, French Forays, and all the rest!

Thanks so much to our listeners, and to these partners and supporters which have made this first year possible and so enjoyable: Austrian Cultural Forum New York, Czech Center New York, Romanian Cultural Institute in New York / ICR New York, Romanian Cultural Institute in London, Consulate General of Switzerland in New York, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Arts Council Malta, Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Polish Cultural Institute New York, Goethe-Institut New York, the EU National Institutes for Culture, UAL: University of the Arts London, Penn State, Creative Europe, Versopolis, the European Union Prize for Literature, the European Writers’ Council, Federation of European Publishers, the European and International Booksellers Federation, Dalkey Archive Press, Bowery Poetry Club, European Literature Network, StAnza: a forum for poetry in Scotland, Creative Scotland, Words Lightly Spoken, the Red Transmissions Podcast, LitCast Slovakia, and Radio Carleton CKCU Literary News – as well as additional cooperations for audio episodes during the year from Elizabeth Kostova Foundation / Фондация “Елизабет Костова”, Bloodaxe Books, Mother Tongue Twisters, the Lonesome Reader book blog, the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Undercurrent and more – plus the many publishers, translators, authors, and guest hosts who have participated and engaged in our first year of broadcasting – and not least of course, our incredible hardworking staff at Trafika Europe / Trafika Europe Radio (you know who you are!)

Another ongoing highlight has been our Trafika Europe literary journal digest, featuring works in translation from across the 47 Council of Europe countries. We’ve published four issues over this past year: TE17 Mysterious Montenegro, TE18 All Poetry, TE19 Iberian Adventure, and TE20 Migrant Mosaics. Please feel free to select an issue from our visual bookshelf, and enjoy it in our online reading room for free:

We’ve got so much planned for our next season of Trafika Europe Radio, starting in September 2021 – including a new monthly concert series, with actually live video-streaming literary music from across Europe! Stay tuned – we’ll have more news on that soon! Please sign up with your email at our site to stay informed on future shows:

We’re also very glad to hear from you any suggestions for upcoming literary podcast episodes or other cooperations! Please contact us at to discuss.

Thanks again for this first year of Trafika Europe Radio – what a grand adventure it is, continuing to unfold.

On behalf of all of us here, please have a great day!

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