Submissions and Collaboration Possibilities

Trafika Europe is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that strives to create a larger community for European literature, culture, and art. Our purview is over the continent of Europe and any author that has a strong connection to it. Despite raising costs, we are pleased to still offer free submissions to everyone. Take a look at the categories below for our open submission guidelines for literature, art, reviews, and podcast episodes.


We accept submissions of all types of literature: prose, poetry, graphic literature, etc. Click to see the guidelines for authors/translators.


Our journal issues are often accompanied by artwork. We have primarily worked with photography, but we accept all types of art. Click for the guidelines for artists.

Reviews, Essays, News

Reviews, essays, and news are new to Trafika Europe and will be hosted on our site as a blog. Click to check out guidelines for reviewers and essay writers.

Podcast Episodes

Trafika Europe Radio interviews are often focused on authors/translators, but they can be so much more! Click here for our guidelines on podcast episodes.

Rolling Submissions

As mentioned, we accept submissions for free and on an ongoing basis. That means you can submit at any time!

Our journal is striving to pick themes for our issues, but that does not mean that you must fit the theme to submit. If your text/art fits a theme and is accepted, the editor will indicate that the piece will be a part of that issue’s focus. If your submission does not fit the theme and you are accepted, the editor will indicate whether it will be included in the upcoming issue or if it will be a part of a future issue.

In any case, you will have all of the information you need to know when your submission will be published. We will also add you to our email list to keep you updated about any news.

Literature Submissions

Trafika Europe publishes previously unpublished excerpts of prose, poetry, theater, graphic literature, etc. We accept translated literature or original texts written in English. In either case, the author must have connections to the continent of Europe. This does not mean that the author must be currently based in Europe.

Excerpt Length

For prose, our preferred length is between 3000 and 5000 words. We are not opposed to publishing longer excerpts (within reason); however, we may shorten the excerpt if deemed necessary. We have rarely published a text under 3000 words. Our goal is to publish fewer authors but longer excerpts.

For poetry, we find ten poems to be a nice sampling of poetry. If the poems are longer or the piece is written entirely in verse, we ask for a sampling of 10–20 pages.

For theater, you may send a one-act play or an excerpt of a longer theater piece. We ask that drama submissions do not exceed 20 pages.

For graphic literature (children’s literature, graphic novels, etc.), we ask for a maximum submission length of 20 pages.

General Guidelines

For your submission, we ask that you send the following in a Word doc:

  • Your excerpt in either English translation or original language
  • The original text (for translated literature)
    • For poetry translations, please place the original poem on the page directly after its corresponding translation
  • A photo and bio of the author written in the third person (no more than 150 words)
  • A photo and bio of the translator written in the third person (no more than 150 words)
    • If either of the photos requires a photo credit (i.e. the name of the photographer), please indicate that in your email.
    • Photos may be sent as separate attachments from the Word Doc or placed directly in the document.

Some other things to consider:

  • It is great to receive works of unpublished literature. We also accept works of published translations and originals; however, we ask that the excerpt that we publish be unpublished in other literary journals.
  • You can send a short translator’s introduction to the text that explains the translating process. This is not required for submission. The text should not exceed 300 words.
  • Send links to your social media (as well as links to authors/publishers/translators involved with the text) so we can tag everyone if your work is accepted.

Once you have everything put together, send your Word document to

What Next?

We strive to get back to submissions within two months of reception. We are a small team, however, so thanks for any patience. If you have not heard from us within two months, you may inquire about your submission by sending an email.

If your piece has been accepted, you will hear back from someone on our team. They will send you permission forms for the photos and the excerpts. You will be asked to sign them and return them by email or post. They will also ask if you’d be interested in being interviewed for Trafika Europe Radio about your work (along with the author/translator/etc.).



Each one of our journal issues includes artwork from amazing artists. The artwork adorns our cover, our chapter pages, as well as other pages throughout the issue. We do not ask that the artist have a connection to Europe; however, we do place priority on European artists and/or representations of Europe in the art. This is due to our goal to create a European community of art and culture.

With that being said, we welcome paintings, drawings, photographs, and more from artists all over the world. We will accept any type of art assuming that they can be published electronically. If you are a sculptor and want to take photos of your creations for publication, we welcome that! You are not a photographer but took amazing photos on your hike in the Swiss Alps? Send them along! We place all importance on the style of the art and whether it matches our journal. Your qualifications or experience as an artist are not a concern for us.

We highly suggest that you take a look at our previous issues to get an idea about the types of art that we published in the past. We love to have the artwork interact with the literature. Take a look at TE18: All Poetry for an example of that.

Number of Works

We strive to publish between 10 and 13 works in each journal issue. That means that we need one piece of artwork for each chapter. We also need a cover image as well as at least two other images for our issue’s backmatter. We require that you send at least 15 pieces of artwork to ensure that each chapter and the cover has an image. Please do not send more than 20 pieces.

General Guidelines

For your submission, we ask for the following:

  • Submission of high-quality images/scans of the artwork
  • If sending images, please send them in JPEG format
  • Submissions should be sent via an online file transfer service (Google Folder/Drive, WeTransfer, etc.)
  • A bio of the artist in the third person (no more than 150 words)
  • Links to any relevant websites or social media
  • A short paragraph explaining the artwork (no more than 300 words) is suggested but not required

Each image should hold a title. If you have a preference on which image should be placed on the cover, please indicate that in your email.

You can submit the link to your portfolio and all requested materials to

What Next?

We will respond to you within two months of the reception of your submission. Please feel free to nudge us if you have not heard a response within two months.

If your piece has been accepted, an editor will follow up with permission forms and an explanation of when your artwork will be published.

Reviews, News, and Essays

This is a new aspect of Trafika Europe to expand our reach and inclusion of literature, literary news, and literary philosophy. For the time being, these pieces will be published as blog posts on our website and shared on social media. We hope to create a dialogue about literature and become a resource for people hoping to attend book fairs, hear about important developments in literature, and more.

What follows is a breakdown of what we are looking for in each category.


We stick to the origin of the word “essay” in English coming from the French “essai.” The French word refers to an attempt, which in this case is an attempt to write. We truly want these to be explorations of a topic whether that be academic or creative. The topic should be cultural/creative in the sense that it should apply to the wider field of European literature, art, and culture.

Here are a few ideas about what to consider if you’d like to contribute an essay:

  • An exploration of an author’s life and/or their works
    • This could include short excerpts and interpretations of their work or remain biographical
  • An introduction to a type of creative work (a genre of literature from a country, a new art form, etc.)
  • An overview of a national/community literature
  • An interpretation of a work of literature and its importance
  • An approach to creative writing or translation
    • This could be theoretical or personal
  • A translation of an essay/article from another author into English

Take a look at a few of the essays that we published in the past to get an idea about what we are looking for. As mentioned, this topic is quite open at the moment as we explore increasing our publication of essays. If you’re interested in writing an essay but you’re not sure if it’s something we’d be interested in, email your idea to to discuss.


We are now accepting reviews of all types of literature. The literature should have been recently published or a forthcoming publication. The review can be of a translation or an original piece of literature in any language. No matter what the language of publication is, the review should be written in English.

For reviewers: If you’re interested in writing a review and have a few options, feel free to email us with some possible titles. If you’ve already written a review, feel free to send us the review for our consideration.

For publishers, authors, and translators: If you’re interested in us reviewing your work, please send us an email with a copy of the text and any important details about it. The review will be written by one of Trafika Europe’s team or by a collaborator with the project selected by our team.


Like the previous two categories, news is very broad. Is there a conference on European literature or a book fair coming up? Did you attend a book fair, a talk, or a conference and you want to tell people about it? Who just won the most recent Women in Translation Prize?

We are looking for any news articles about European literature or literary events. This can be a report on an event that took place, or this can be an upcoming event that the Trafika Europe community should know about. Here are some possibilities:

  • Report on an event, talk, etc.
  • News about the winner of a prize
  • An upcoming talk, event, or fair:
    • With this submission, be sure to include any pertinent links, dates, times, locations, and a description of what will be taking place.
  • News about an author/translator/publisher/etc.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions of reviews, essays, and news should be submitted as a Word document to The length should be between 1500 and 3500 words. In addition to the article, please submit a contributor bio (no more than 150 words). Please include any relevant social media links in your submission so we can tag everyone when we post about it.

If you would like to pitch an idea before writing the article, please send us an email with the subject line [ESSAY/REVIEW/NEWS] PITCH: [Insert your subject title]. As mentioned, our team can write about reviews and news on your behalf. Please state in your pitch that you would like us to write about the event and attach any important information/texts required to write the article. If a pitch is sent without books attached (for reviews) or without links, schedules, and descriptions (for news), we will have to reject your pitch.

What Next?

For pitches, we will answer you within one month of receiving your pitch. We understand that the piece will not be written until we respond, so we will try to get back about these as soon as possible.

For any written materials, please allow up to three months for us to review and get back to you with a response. With our first response, we will write you with our answer; however, the process will likely continue after that. If we accept your piece, we will most likely have edits and suggestions to better the piece. When we respond, we will either return a document with comments or supply comments in the email. We will also include a deadline by which to return the document.

Once the document has been fully edited, we will tell you when we will publish your piece. It will be published only on our website.

Podcast Submissions

Trafika Europe Radio welcomes audio interview or show submissions. There are several forms in which this collaboration could take place:

  1. You have an author, translator, or publisher that you would like to interview.
  2. You are an author, translator, or publisher and you would like to be interviewed.
  3. You have an idea for a show that explores literary culture in Europe. This could be literary music, a literary tradition, an author, a translator, etc.

I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with our podcast episodes before pitching or sending a submission. Our archive has a slightly different setup from our current direction, but the spirit remains the same. The parts that will change (intro, outro, and publicity aspects) will be our responsibility.

Submission Guidelines

Our podcasts do not exceed one hour including the introduction, conclusion, and various publicity breaks throughout. Your submission should not exceed 45 minutes of audio. This allows us to add any additional audio clips throughout.

If you have completed an audio recording, you may submit your submission directly to Along with the clip, you should send the following:

  • A short bio of anyone speaking in the podcast (no more than 150 words per bio)
  • A photo of anyone speaking
  • A short description of the episode (no more than 200 words)

If you have not yet completed the episode, you may email us a pitch at the same email above. Please use the subject line of Podcast Pitch: [Insert topic here]. In the email, please state whether you are pitching the idea for Trafika Europe’s team to create the episode or if you will be creating the episode. For interviews with authors or translators, please send information about them and attach any works to be discussed. For episodes, please create an outline of the episode along with a proposal of the episode (explaining the topic and its relevance).

What Next?

We will respond to pitches within a month of receiving the email. If you do not have the technology to complete the episode, please indicate in your pitch email that you would like Trafika Europe’s assistance in recording the podcast. In case of a positive response, we will schedule a time (if tech help is needed) and create a deadline for the episode. Once all final materials are submitted, an editor will follow up with permission forms.

If you submit a pre-recorded episode, we will respond within two months. An editor will respond with permission forms for the episode and the photos.

Trafika Europe