Sponsorships and Advertising Opportunities

Trafika Europe is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization. We strive to create a larger community for European literature, culture, and art. We focus on the continent of Europe and any author that has a strong connection to it. This page provides a preview of sponsorship and advertising possibilities at Trafika Europe. All of these donations keep our organization running and all of our materials available free online. While your donation supports us, we will support you by offering sponsorship to amazing creatives in Europe and/or gaining access to a new audience.     

Sponsorship and Advertising Possibilities


Donor List

All donors will be listed on our website and in every issue as an official donor to Trafika Europe.

Sponsor Perks

Sponsors can get access to extra content depending on the sponsorship tier. Some options include free goodies, while others include special access. 

Interviews / Reviews

Have Trafika Europe conduct an interview or publish a review about your work, an author/translator, or more! Check out TE Radio for interviews or our Reviews in our blog.

Special Access

Get discounts on all items from the TE store, special access to events, and extra content. Once again, this depends on your sponsorship tier.

Radio / Website Advertising

Advertise a book, a group, or anything related to culture, art, or literature on Trafika Europe’s podcasts or website.

Newsletter / Social Media Spots Advertising

Get news out about something using our monthly newsletter or our Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok! Video, image, and text options available.

Interested in advertising or sponsoring?

We are trying to link up a way to choose a donation level directly to our site so that you can donate directly here rather than being redirected to an external site. For now, email admin@trafikaeurope.org if you’re interested in more information about what donation amount gets access to which perks.

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