We’re rolling out some exciting extras to supplement our new issue, Trafika Europe 11 – Swiss Delights. Firstly, if you haven’t seen it, this issue is especially fine, packed with a dozen chapters of translated literature spanning Switzerland’s great lingual and cultural diversity, co-edited with Tess Lewis. It’s free online right here:

Trafika Europe 11 – Swiss Delights

… and here are some extra treats:

((1)) Here’s a short animated literary video, excerpting Ilma Rakusa’s The Wider Sea, narrated by the author in English translation:
Be sure to view in full-screen for best effect!

((2)) Here is audio of Leta Semadeni in conversation with Tess Lewis, reading and discussing her poetry from Rhaeto-Romanic and German, and her novel Tamangur – in an event recorded at Deutsches Haus at New York University.

((3)) Here’s a Trafika Europe audio interview with poet Michael Fehr, recorded during his recent artist residency in Los Angeles.

((4)) Here’s an essay by Roger Russi, translator of Mariella Mehr’s stoneage, discussing the significance of this seminal work.

((5)) We’re thrilled to announce a new cooperation with European Literature Network — a regular column we’ll be hosting on their site over the coming months, bringing you lots more on European literature and literary cultures. To accompany our Swiss focus, this premiere installment of the new Trafika Europe Corner features poems by Alexander Xaver Gwerder, in translation by Marc Vincenz.

((6)) …and here’s a second Trafika Europe Corner with three poems by Swiss-French poet Pierre Voélin in new translation by John Taylor.

((7)) Finally, we’re busy stocking our Trafika Europe Bookshop with some terrific titles of modern and contemporary Swiss literature. Please just click on any one of the titles below to find it with complete description in our online shop:

Modern and Contemporary Swiss Poetry: An Anthology

With the Animals, by Noëlle Revaz

The Alp, by Arno Camenisch

Behind the Station, by Arno Camenisch

The Old Man and the Bench, by Urs Allemann

Isle of the Dead, by Gerhard Meier

We’re augmenting this list in the coming days and weeks, as we add more Swiss titles to our shop. Let Trafika Europe be your go-to place for European literature online!

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this wonderful issue.

Trafika Europe