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  • Sphinx

    by Anne Garréta $14.95
    Fiction from Deep Vellum Publishing
    Translated from French

    A landmark literary event: the first novel by a female member of Oulipo in English, a sexy genderless love story.

  • Star-Shot

    by Mary-Ann Constantine $11.30
    Fiction from Seren Books

    Part fable, part mystery, Star-Shot is a stylish debut novel set in and around Cardiff’s National Museum in a time that is almost, but not quite, our own.

  • Stories About Tacit

    by Cecil Bødker $15.00
    Fiction from Spuyten Duyvil
    Translated from Danish

    A small group of social outcasts form a reluctant alliance on an abandoned farm in 1850’s Denmark. First book of the Water Farm trilogy. Novel by one of Denmark’s more prolific and highly awarded female writers. Her first adult novel translated into English.

  • The Alp

    by Arno Camenisch $12.95
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from German

    The first novel in Arno Camenisch’s celebrated “alpine” trilogy is set during a single summer. The four main (unnamed) characters are a dairyman, his farmhand, a cowherd, and a swineherd who all live and work in close proximity–but this is no “Heidi.”

  • The Birds

    by Tarjei Vesaas $12.69
    Fiction from Peter Owen Publishers
    Translated from Norwegian

    The Birds sings with the quiet and poetic intensity expected of one of the greatest Scandinavian writers of all time, Tarjei Vesaas. And this is one of his greatest books.

  • The Bulgarian Truck

    by Dumitru Tsepeneag $15.00
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from French

    The writer-narrator of The Bulgarian Truck has hit upon a new technique for constructing a novel, which he calls “a building site beneath the open sky,” but he can’t seem to persuade his more widely-read wife, Marianne, a character from an earlier novel of his, that it’s any good.

  • The Canvas

    by Benjamin Stein $16.95
    Fiction from Open Letter Books
    Translated from German

    Loosely based on the true story of Binjamin Wilkomirski, whose fabricated 1995 Holocaust memoir transfixed the reading public, The Canvas has a singular construction—its two inter-related narratives begin at either end of the book and meet in the middle.

    “A novel as suspenseful as it is complex.”
    —Deutsche Welle TV

  • The Eyes of Keyholes

    by Milorad Pejić $7.00
    Poetry from Červená Barva Press
    Translated from Bosnian

    Milorad Pejić was born in Tuzla, Bosnia, in 1960. Since 1992 he has lived in Sweden. His books of poems include The Vase for the Lily Plant, The Eyes of Keyholes, and Hyperborea, for which he received the “Slovo Makovo-Mak Dizdar” prize in Bosnia in 2012.

  • The Good Life Elsewhere

    by Sergei Lebedev $9.99$14.99
    Fiction from New Vessel Press
    Translated from Russian

    This is the hilarious, tragic and grotesque tale of Larga, a small village in Moldova, and everything its residents do to escape it. Every Largavite has his/her own pitiful story, and all of them dream of going to prosperous Italy as a solution to their wretched existence. Italy becomes their ultimate goal and obsession, and the dwellers of Larga will stop at nothing to reach the living paradise.

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