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  • An Unending Landscape

    by Toomas Vint $14.95
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from Estonian

    An Unending Landscape is a subtle, humorous, mind-bending novel about the origins and fates of three different manuscripts…

  • Ballerina, Ballerina

    by Marko Sosic $15.95
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from Slovenian

    The narrator of this novel is Ballerina, a fifteen-year-old with the cognitive faculties of a child, and each of its fifteen chapters begins with her first wetting her bed and thereby greeting a new day. Drawing comparison to William Faulkner in its expressionistic depiction of Ballerina’s interior world, this is a classic of contemporary Slovenian literature: a hugely popular exploration of a character whose world is so divorced from what we think of as reality.

  • Behind the Station

    by Arno Camenisch $13.95
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from German

    In this second book of Arno Camenisch’s Alp trilogy, Behind the Station, is told through the eyes of two young brothers growing up in a small, secluded village in a valley flanked by the alpine mountains. Written in the same style as “The Alp,” we start to believe that there’s little difference between the children and the adults in this village, save for their love for mischief and ghost stories.

  • Best European Fiction 2017

    by various authors $17.00
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from various languages

    This anthology is the essential resource for readers, critics, and publishers interested in contemporary European literature.

  • Empty Streets

    by Michael Ajvaz $19.00
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from Czech

    In a junkyard on the outskirts of Prague, a painter stumbles across a mysterious wooden object. As he begins to notice the object’s strange shape reproduced in various places around the city, he realizes that it holds the key to uncovering the truth about the recent disappearance of a young girl.

  • Fata Morgana

    by Svetislav Basara $16.00
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from Serbian

    Svetislav Basara’s short fiction plays wild games with time and space while nonetheless keeping one foot grounded at all times in the real-life concerns of a young writer during the late communist and postcommunist eras in the former Yugoslavia.

  • Homage to Czerny

    by Gert Jonke $12.95
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from German

    Gert Jonke’s prose ripples along like a piano etude, transcending its meticulously constructed sequences to transport the reader into an imaginary world. With a delightful combination of the ridiculous and the sublime, Jonke explores surreal dimensions of space and sound, always anchoring his flights of fancy in accessible imagery.

  • Isle of the Dead

    by Gerhard Meier $17.95
    Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from German

    A cornerstone of Swiss modernism, at last available in English translation from one of the great German translators of our time.

  • Modern and Contemporary Swiss Poetry: An Anthology

    by Various $17.00$24.00
    Collection from Dalkey Archive Press
    Translated from French, German, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanic

    Featuring the work of some of the greatest poets of the twentieth century as well as their contemporary counterparts, this anthology is unique in bringing together a broad selection of Switzerland ‘s greatest authors in all of the country’s major languages.

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