Snow Flurries and other stories

by Romy Fölck


Fiction from Weyward Sisters Publishing
Translated from German

The German Democratic Republic, East Germany. An abusive guard encountered many years after a woman’s nightmare imprisonment in Hoheneck women’s prison. A man’s reluctant return to Dresden two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A killing in the context of the ripple effects of an iconic church’s demolition in Leipzig. The very long shadow of war-time rape and loss in a Meissen courtroom in present-day Germany. All of these are elements in Romy Fölck’s evocative mini collection of four short stories.

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Weyward Sisters | eBook | 2016
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Translated from German by Rachel Hildebrandt


Snow Flurries is relentlessly bleak without being depressing as Romy Fölck introduces us to the world of the former East Germany… Fölck writes with restraint and care, the better to let the horrors and memories she offers us sink into our brains until we feel like we know this world for ourselves. And Rachel Hildebrandt’s graceful translation leaves us feeling like Snow Flurries was always already in English.” – Rachel S. Cordasco, Bookishly Witty

“Historical fiction doesn’t pay much attention to the German Democratic Republic. East Germany, we called it, the subjugated ruin of half a country which didn’t benefit from a Marshall Plan but which instead spent 41 years in the chilling isolation of the cold war, on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. In four short stories, ‘Snow Flurries’ draws back that barrier to demonstrate how the anger, fear and brutality of the Stasi era echo down the decades. The writing – from the pen of 42-year-old German author Romy Fölck – is deceptively straightforward and seemingly unsophisticated. It’s plain spoken and direct. The powerful emotions behind these stories are what gives this compact collection its punch, as Fölck explores her matching themes of revenge and redemption.” – Rowena Hoseason, Murder, Mayhem & More

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