Scattering the Dark: An Anthology of Polish Women Poets

by various authors


Poetry from White Pine Press
Translated from Polish

Offers a lively selection of over thirty of Poland’s women poets writing before and after the fall of communism.

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White Pine Press | Poetry | Paperback
ISBN 978-1-935210-82-5

Translator Karen Kovacik received a 2011 NEA Fellowship in Literary Translation and a 2004-5 Fulbright Research Grant to Poland. Her translation of Agnieszka Kuciak’s Distant Lands: An Anthology of Poets Who Don’t Exist appeared from White Pine in 2013, longlisted for the National Translation Award in 2014. Professor of English at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, she’s the author of the poetry collections Beyond the Velvet Curtain and Metropolis Burning.




Wow! What a book! The tradition of women’s writing that flows out of the work of Symborska and Anna Świr — the way this mighty tradition turns in the hands of a younger generation from the traumatic history of their country to a poetics of everyday life, of play, and experiment. An absolutely rich and appealing book.”

—Robert Hass


“These cosmopolitan, multilingual poets speak to us across the decades, overcoming a great silence, redirecting the myths, reimagining the role of the poet, and the nature of poetry itself.  Scattering the Dark is a useful, subversive, even necessary anthology.”

—Edward Hirsch


“Scattering the Dark is a stock of human condition so polyphonic that it’s hard to believe all the poems collected here were written in one single country and language. This is a passionate, mournful, erotic book of astonished lives.”

— Valzhyna Mort



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