Trafika Europe director Andrew Singer invites you to a masterclass in poetry — in custom-tailored, one-on-one online sessions, using his unique SENSE, VISION, INSIGHT, FORM approach. (Price is for four hourly sessions)

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Explore a unique and elegant set of tools and techniques for quickly deepening in poetic understanding and facility.

No prior experience is needed! These sessions present a series of exercises for helping poets of all styles refine their work and discover and explore a new way of approaching poetry.

To write poetry well, you should also read poetry well! Poems for reading and discussion will be selected on an individual basis.

Instructor Andrew Singer is a writer and artist residing in Manhattan. He directs Trafika Europe, showcasing new literature in English translation from the 47 countries of Council of Europe. He mentored with Nobel Laureate poet Derek Walcott and has taught university Creative Writing, Literary Translation, and seminars in European and Anglo-American literature most recently at Penn State University, and across Europe. He has served as an editor, guest editor and reader for publications widely; his poetry and critical essays have appeared in publications such as World Literature Today, Fulcrum, Levure littéraire and Open Letters Monthly. He presently leads poetry workshop/seminars at Bowery Poetry Club in New York. He believes all things begin and end in wonder.

Praise for previous offerings of Sense, Vision, Insight, Form include the following:

“Andrew’s poetry workshop was a master-class in immediacy. It introduced us to a way of observing / writing that pushed us beyond preconceptions and habitual responses into the living essence of the moment” ~ Kathy Tiernan, Author

“I felt inspired by being asked not only to describe a subject strictly faithfully, but wait till it ‘speaks’ and tells us about itself. Singer’s unique method of poetry teaching fits so well with both Ben Okri’s vision of the academies of the future in his Plato’s Dream, and with neuroscientist Ian McGilchrist’s emphasis of the incomparable importance of the right hemisphere in his groundbreaking book, The Master and his Emissary. I look forward to the next… masterclass with Andrew!” ~ Narda Azaria Dalgleish, Experimental filmmaker, Poet

“Everything Andrew said during this class was exciting and useful. He gave us concrete tools to see the beauty of poetry in everything, and to know the difference between keeping the integrity of a poetic object and merely abstracting it or projecting onto it. I left the class newly inspired to write, with both the confidence that I will now write more and better poetry, and a clear vision for how I will go about it.” – Olivia McGill

“I am a more careful observer of my surroundings and their poetic potential after taking Andrew Singer’s excellent workshop… The analysis of form was extremely helpful as well…” – Jane Pearson

This item is priced as a package for four weekly one-hour sessions to be scheduled online, usually over Skype, as mutually-agreed. (The price as given here is inclusive of online payment processing and other fees.)

In-person sessions in NYC are also available. For this or any alternate arrangements, please contact the instructor andrew@trafikaeurope.org to discuss further, thank you.

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