Isle of the Dead

by Gerhard Meier


Fiction from Dalkey Archive Press
Translated from German

A cornerstone of Swiss modernism, at last available in English translation from one of the great German translators of our time.

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Dalkey Archive Press | Fiction | Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-564786-85-2 | 120 Pages
Translated by Burton Pike

Baur and Bindschädler, two old men, friends from their days in the army, share a habitual walk to the edge of town, Baur speaking incessantly—circling between past and present, inconsequential observations and profound insights—while Bindschädler, equally unmoored, listens, observes, reflects. A meandering meditation on mortality, and a gentle complement to the work of contemporaries Samuel Beckett and Thomas Bernhard—not to mention Gerhard Meier’s countryman Robert Walser—Isle of the Dead elevates a simple ramble along a riverside to the status of a metaphysical inquest, with Baur and Bindschädler’s words and thoughts looping and colliding until it is nearly impossible to tell one man from the other.

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