Harbors of Light

by Marjorie Agosin


Poetry from White Pine Press
Translated from Spanish

“Harbors of Light celebrates ‘the call of the lighthouse’ in all its many variations. The musical poems in this collection sing the mystical connections between all lighthouses and those who love them. Agosín’s vivid imagery brings to life a world of opposites, ‘serpentine’ dark and ‘light like a promise.'” – Linda Rodriguez

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White Pine Press | Poetry | Paperback
ISBN 978-1-935210-87-0


“From Ulysses and Penelope to the angel of dreams to the girl who fell in love with the lighthouse keeper, this book is full of hopeful, desperate lives seen through the bittersweet mist of dreams.”

— Linda Rodriguez, author of Every Hidden Fear and Heart’s Migration


Marjorie Agosin is an award winning poet, and Human Rights activist. Her most recent book a novel for Young Adults, I Lived in Butterfly Hill has won numerous awards among them the Pura Belpre medal given by the ALA.  She is the Luella Lamer Slaner professor of Latin American Studies at Wellesley College.

E M O’Connor is a translator of poetry memoir and essays. She translated Agosin I Lived in Butterfly Hill and also the work of peruvian poet Blanca Varela. she has been published in several literary magazines among then Revista Harvard Univ and Literal.  E M O’Connor is working on a first novel, The Selkies  Daughter and teaches at the Writing Program and  Spanish at Wellesley College.


“Agosin poetic knowledge engages the reader in a mesmerizing journey of  inward reflections.”

—Isabel Allende


“Marjorie Agosin proves the power of the word to transport us to the center of her humane vision.”

— Julia Alvarez

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