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  • The Canvas

    by Benjamin Stein $16.95
    Fiction from Open Letter Books
    Translated from German

    Loosely based on the true story of Binjamin Wilkomirski, whose fabricated 1995 Holocaust memoir transfixed the reading public, The Canvas has a singular construction—its two inter-related narratives begin at either end of the book and meet in the middle.

    “A novel as suspenseful as it is complex.”
    —Deutsche Welle TV

  • The Eyes of Keyholes

    by Milorad Pejić $7.00
    Poetry from Červená Barva Press
    Translated from Bosnian

    Milorad Pejić was born in Tuzla, Bosnia, in 1960. Since 1992 he has lived in Sweden. His books of poems include The Vase for the Lily Plant, The Eyes of Keyholes, and Hyperborea, for which he received the “Slovo Makovo-Mak Dizdar” prize in Bosnia in 2012.

  • The Good Life Elsewhere

    by Sergei Lebedev $9.99$14.99
    Fiction from New Vessel Press
    Translated from Russian

    This is the hilarious, tragic and grotesque tale of Larga, a small village in Moldova, and everything its residents do to escape it. Every Largavite has his/her own pitiful story, and all of them dream of going to prosperous Italy as a solution to their wretched existence. Italy becomes their ultimate goal and obsession, and the dwellers of Larga will stop at nothing to reach the living paradise.

  • The Hundred Days

    by Joseph Roth $12.69
    Fiction from Peter Owen Publishers
    Translated from German

    A poignant look at Napoleon’s seemingly triumphant return to Paris from exile in March 1815. The story of Napoleon’s last grasp at glory is framed both through the eyes of the Emperor himself and infatuated young washerwoman working in the imperial palace. Before long, one hundred days have elapsed and war and truth have crushed the lofty dreams of both Napoleon and those who idolized him.

  • The Lady and the Little Fox Fur

    by Violette Leduc $11.33
    Fiction from Peter Owen Publishers
    Translated from French

    Driven to despair, a lady discovers peace of mind by forming a strange and touching relationship with the everyday objects of the city. Written with the same passion and stunningly observed attention to detail as La Bâtarde, it is a perfectly formed minor masterpiece.

  • The Loser

    by Fatos Kongoli $11.30
    Fiction from Seren Books
    Translated from Albanian

    Fatos Kongoli is one of the most forceful and convincing of contemporary Albanian novelists, and The Loser is a moving portrayal of the suppression not just of art by a controlled press and other repressive state mechanisms, but of a whole people denied the freedom to express themselves individually, to circulate and discuss ideas about ways of living and thinking. In short it is about the denial of the right to freedom of an entire population and the kind of personal despair such despotism can produce. And yet The Loser is also a moving novel of love and loss.

  • The Man Who Planted Trees

    by Jean Giono $8.80
    Fiction from Peter Owen Publishers
    Translated from French

    The classic and best-selling eco-parable.

  • The Mountain and the Wall

    by Alisa Ganieva $14.95
    Fiction from Deep Vellum Publishing
    Translated from Russian

    A rumor spreads through Dagestan’s capital city, Makhachkala: the Russian government is building a wall to close off its Caucasus republics from the rest of the country. Ethnic and religious tensions mount—no one is spared from the consequences. But like a vision in the midst of this nightmare, the image of a “Mountain of Celebrations” appears, a refuge for all those who are tired of the intolerance and violence.

  • The Physics of Sorrow

    by Georgi Gospodinov $14.95
    Fiction from Open Letter Books
    Translated from Bulgarian

    Using the myth of the Minotaur as its organizing image, the narrator of Gospodinov’s long-awaited novel constructs a labyrinth of stories about his family, jumping from era to era and viewpoint to viewpoint, exploring the mindset and trappings of Eastern Europeans.

  • The Prose Literature of the Gaelic Revival, 1881–1921: Ideology and Innovation

    by Philip O'Leary $41.95
    Literary study from Penn State University Press

    Presents the lively debates within the language movement known as the Gaelic revival in their full complexity, citing documents such as editorials, columns, speeches, letters, and literary works that were influential at the time but all too often have been published only in Irish or have been difficult to access.

  • The Underground

    by Hamid Ismailov $14.99$16.99
    Fiction from Restless Books
    Translated from Russian

    “I am Moscow’s underground son, the result of one too many nights on the town.” So declares Mbobo, the unforgettable twelve-year-old narrator of this captivating novel by exiled Uzbek author and BBC journalist Hamid Ismailov. Born to a Siberian woman and an African athlete competing in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Mbobo spends his days navigating the subterranean arteries of the Metro and the challenges of being a fatherless, mixed-race boy in the precarious days of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  • The Way Back

    by Niillas Holmberg $12.64
    Poetry from Francis Boutle Publishers
    Translated from Sámi

    This book of poems written originally in Sámi, a language spoken by  about 20,000 people in Finland, Norway, and Sweden, explores connections between Buddhist philosophy and Sámi philosophy.

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