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  • Luminous Spaces: Selected Poems & Journals of Olav H Hauge

    by Olav Hauge $22.00
    Essays from White Pine Press
    Translated from Norwegian

    Spans seventy years of Hauge’s poetry with over three hundred poems, a third of which have never appeared in English.

  • My Falling Down House

    by Jayne Joso $11.30
    Fiction from Seren Books

    Having lost his job and his home, Takeo Tanaka, a young Japanese man, takes refuge in a dilapidated wood and paper house. This work has received the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award, given to a work of fiction or non-fiction which helps to interpret modern Japan to the English-speaking world.

  • Narcissus and Goldmund

    by Hermann Hesse $13.79
    Fiction from Peter Owen Publishers
    Translated from German

    Narcissus is a teacher at Mariabronn, a monastery in medieval Germany, and Goldmund his favourite pupil. While Narcissus remains detached from the world in prayer and meditation, Goldmund runs away from the monstery in pursuit of love. Thereafter he lives a picaresque wanderer’s life, his amatory adventures resulting in pain as well as ecstasy. His eventual reunion with Narcissus brings into focus the diversity between artist and thinker, Dionysian and Apollonian.

  • No More Happy Endings

    by Milan Djurasovic $12.00
    Fiction from Červená Barva Press
    Translated from Bosnian

    Milan Djurasovic is a Bosnian Serb from Mostar, the descendant of delightful peasants and modest working-class stock. He lives in northern California, where he works as a paraeducator. No More Happy Endings is his first collection of poems and short stories.

  • Oblivion

    by Sergei Lebedev $9.99$15.99
    Fiction from New Vessel Press
    Translated from Russian

    This disturbing tale evokes the great and ruined beauty of a land where man and machine worked in tandem with nature to destroy millions of lives during the Soviet century. Emerging from today’s Russia, where the ills of the past are being forcefully erased from public memory, this masterful novel represents an epic literary attempt to rescue history from the brink of oblivion.

  • Offscapes: Beyond the Limits of Urban Landscape

    by Valeria Reggi, Vincenzo Bagnoli $8.00
    Poetry from Trafika Europe Books
    Translated from Italian

    With brilliant poetry and photographs, this exploration of abandoned spaces by Italian poet Vincenzo Bagnoli and photographer/translator Valeria Reggi achieves a startling and sensitive vision — of where we have arrived perhaps, in an architected modern society that has partly lost its way.
    –>  View the Offscapes preview video here <–

  • One Hundred Twenty-One Days

    by Michèle Audin $14.95
    Fiction from Deep Vellum Publishing
    Translated from French

    Debut novel by mathematician Oulipo member layers coded narratives across World Wars unlocking the entangled history of politics and science.

  • Panorama

    by Dušan Šarotar $12.53
    Fiction from Istros Books, Peter Owen Publishers
    Translated from Slovene

    Dušan Šarotar takes the reader on a deeply reflective yet kaleidoscopic journey from northern to southern Europe.

  • Party Headquarters

    by Georgi Tenev $12.95
    Fiction from Open Letter Books
    Translated from Bulgarian

    Party Headquarters takes place in the ’80s and ’90s, during Bulgaria’s transition from communist rule to democracy. The book—which is a love story, a parody, and a thriller about a political hoax—opens with the main character visiting his father-in-law, an old communist party boss who is dying, and being tasked with delivering a suitcase filled with one-and-a-half million euros.

  • Quiet Flows the Una

    by Faruk Šehić $12.56
    Fiction from Istros Books
    Translated from Bosnian

    Quiet Flows the Una is the story a man trying to overcome the personal trauma caused by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995.  Through an induced trance, the main character of the novel takes the reader through three time periods: the hero’s childhood before the war, the battle lines during the war, and his attempt to continue with normal life in a post-conflict society.

  • Returnings: Poems of Love and Distance

    by Rafael Alberti $18.00
    Poetry from White Pine Press
    Translated from Spanish

    Rafael Alberti was one of the greatest poets of 20th century Spain.

  • Ritual, 1969

    by Jo Mazelis $11.30
    Fiction from Seren Books

    This darkly gothic collection of stories explores the unsettling borderland between reality and the supernatural. Ranging from early twentieth-century France to 1960s South Wales and contemporary Europe, Jo Mazelis’ singular vision and poetic language creates characters caught up in events and feelings they do not fully understand or control, giving the book its uncanny focus. Not all is as it seems in a world where first impressions may only conceal disguises and false trails – and there’s no going back.

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