Partnership with European Society of Authors

Trafika Europe is excited to announce a partnership with the European Society of Authors, a platform promoting literary translation as a basis for Europeanness in the 21st-century. Needless to say, such scope and values couldn’t be a better match with our own mission and perspective.

Located in Paris and founded in 2008, the European Society of Authors serves to connect various cultural organizations and institutions via literary translation. Their annual Finnegan’s List strives to create literary community by promoting deserving writers from around the world. They have also created a translation platform called TLHUB, as an independent, non-profit community where the literary-minded may meet to exchange words and ideas.

We look forward to developing this great cooperation, with an organization doing so much to promote the sharing of cultures through literature generally, and European authors specifically.

To learn more about the European Society of Authors, visit their website at

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