Trafika Europe Radio has completed its first year

Trafika Europe Radio has completed its first year

Thanks so much – Trafika Europe Radio has completed its first year!

As perhaps the world’s first “literary radio station”, we’ve curated more than 175 literary podcast episodes in our first year, and our livestream continues 24/7 with hundreds of tracks of “literary music” from across Europe, and more – dip in anytime and you may find Armenian choral music, Greek polyphonic women’s choir, Welsh punk and Romansch post-punk, poetry/sound experiments from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Spain (including Galician and Catalan), French, Yiddish, and English folk, Roma (gypsy) music, Swiss avant-garde – and so on and on and on and on and on. It’s a great soundtrack to your day: read more

European Regions: Progress in Literary Culture – a panel discussion

“European Regions: Progress in Literary Culture” (41-minute panel discussion)

In the light of recent political and economic trends counter to a more unified Europe, panelists assess progress culturally and consider new approaches and understandings of European literary cultures and regions. Aiming for a new infrastructure for European literature, our project, including the Trafika Europe Radio initiative, seeks to foster greater openness and mutual regard among European literary communities toward a more shared European identity. read more

Trafika Europe 19 – Iberian Adventure is live online

Trafika Europe 19 – Iberian Adventure is live online

Trafika Europe 19 – Iberian Adventure highlights new fiction and poetry in fresh English translation from Spain and Portugal, featuring José Luís Peixoto, Albert Bonjoch, Patrícia Portela, Sara Mesa, Yolanda Castaño, Ricardo Menéndez Salmón, Gonçalo M.Tavares, John Hartley, Manuel Astur, and Rosa Oliveira, plus work from elsewhere in Europe. You can read it free online right here. read more

Some More Swiss Delights

We’re rolling out some exciting extras to supplement our new issue, Trafika Europe 11 – Swiss Delights. Firstly, if you haven’t seen it, this issue is especially fine, packed with a dozen chapters of translated literature spanning Switzerland’s great lingual and cultural diversity, co-edited with Tess Lewis. It’s free online right here:

Trafika Europe 11 – Swiss Delights

… and here are some extra treats:

((1)) Here’s a short animated literary video, excerpting Ilma Rakusa’s The Wider Sea, narrated by the author in English translation:
Be sure to view in full-screen for best effect!

((2)) Here is audio of

Leta Semadeni in conversation with Tess Lewis read more

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