Essential New European Literature – Vol. I

Wow – Trafika Europe‘s first book is here, with some very best choice offerings of new fiction and poetry from across Europe, from the first year of our journal. It’s a great gift item – published by Penn State University Press.

The fourteen selections in this volume—from seven women and seven men, seven poets and seven fiction writers—represent some of the most accomplished writing in new translation from Europe today; this volume opens a window onto some emerging contours of European identity. Former ASCAP director of photography Mark Chester complements the writing with sumptuous black-and-white photos from across Europe.

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“This anthology is especially precious because of the little-known languages featured. Poems and excerpts from novels originally written in Occitan, Latvian, Faroese,Icelandic, and Armenian rarely crop up in lively translations even in the—too few—American venues hospitable to foreign literature. But here they are! Kudos to Trafika Europe for their energetic exploratory work. These stimulating pieces will spark thought and talk about the startling variety and less visible unities of European writing.”—John Taylor, author of Into the Heart of European Poetry and A Little Tour through European Poetry

“[R]arely heard and distinctive voices from the gorgeous polyphonic chant of European literature… [T]he languages toll like bells ringing in counterpoint to accustomed strains. These ‘trajectories of longing’, beautifully told with particulars strange and familiar, will stir your soul.”—Tess Lewis, former Board Member, National Book Critics Circle

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