Two Poems from Anja Kampmann

The following two texts were written by Anja Kampmann and translated by Anne Posten. They come from the collection titled Der Hund ist immer hungrig (2021) (The Dog is Always Hungry). Hear Anja reading “to aiken cura” and discussing her writing leading up to 2023 European Literature Night on Trafika Europe Radio.

Aiken Cura was an Argentinian polo horse who died in 2006 after an accident in the Argentine Open. His owner, Adolfo Cambiaso, had him cloned using a piece of his skin, thus producing the first cloned horse. The procedure was done using somatic cell nuclear transfer, the same technique used to clone Dolly, the first cloned sheep.

to aiken cura


you still belong
whether or not you know what happened to you
the question of the edge from which one comes
dear bulblet, dear piece of your own skin
I don’t know if you know you’re now you-you you-you you
a wonder. your end after the fall
no end. annulled by a pipette
I think myself into the middle of your what—in the stall
eight times the same pale nostrils horsehead and leg
like a hallucination on straw
with no manger and no starlight
leave it—then you’re in front of the camera
going going you know eight times
and on the field it makes no difference
like in war where eight soldiers become one
as they fall                               yes I
saw you. I saw you thundering fast
far from aunt dolly on the polo field
from microscope pipette and patience
pays off. and the medal faithful friend
who accepted it? the forebear
the piece of breastskin
or the descandantant antant-antant-antant
(listen, it already sounds like a gallop)
with its beautiful pallor? I’m asking
who stood there
was it you
where you there
on that day with the medal?



Ah dear descendantant

and your gallop is heading towards what?


an aiken cura


du wirst besessen immer noch
und ob du weißt was dir geschah
die frage nach dem rand aus dem man kommt
du zwiebelchen, du stück aus deiner haut
ich weiß nicht ob du weißt du bist nun du-du du-du du
was wundert. dein ende nach dem sturz
kein ende. wurd per pipette annuliert
ich denk mich in die mitte deiner was- im stall
acht mal dieselbe blässe nüstern pferdekopf und bein
wie eine halluzination auf stroh
wo keine krippe und kein sternenlicht
doch lass- dann trittst du vor die kamera
im schwung im schwung du weißt acht mal
und auf dem feld macht das keinen unterschied
wie krieg wo acht soldaten einer werden
wenn sie fallen            ich sah
dich ja. ich sah dich schnell und donnernd
weit entfernt von tante dolly auf dem polofeld
aus mikroskop pipette und geduld
wurd gold. und die medaille treuer freund
wer nahm sie an? der ahn
das hautstück brust
oder der nachfahrfahr fahrfahr-fahrfahr-fahrfahr
(du hörst, es klingt schon wie galopp)
mit seiner schönen blässe? ich frag
wer stand denn da
warst du’s
warst du nun da
an dem medaillentag?


ach lieber nachfahrfahr

und dein galopp hält worauf zu?

Fort McMurray, in the Canadian province of Alberta, is the world’s second-largest fracking area. The drinking water there is tainted with chemicals. The neighboring Six Nations Reservation has no access to drinking water, despite the fact that Nestlé bottles millions of liters of water a day from the territory. Michael Beamish and Jasmin Herold report on fracking in Alberta in the documentary Dark Eden.

the dog is always hungry

sometimes I think of his dog
michael’s, from alberta. not long ago
he was x-rayed. the bullet behind the
barrel came from the res. huh. rough
manners. there’s no water. huh. the only
good stuff’s bottled by a swiss
company. the dog they told me
nearly lost its mind. when its master
back weeks after the operation.
tumors. huh. that big. sometimes I think
of the lakes they talked of.
fracking water whole regions
drenched with chemicals. warning shots
aimed at the sky time and again so that
the fowls don’t land. no, better
anything that creeps or crawls. the dog
is always hungry. the area dredged
the size of england. huh. the dog is always hungry.

Anja Kampmann is a widely acclaimed poet and novelist. She is the author of High as the Waters Rise for which she has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Mara Cassens Prize for the best debut novel written in German and for which she received nominations for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize and the German Book Prize.The book was also a finalist for the 2020 National Book Award. 

Kampmann’s most recent publications are the poetry collection Der Hund ist immer hungrig (2021) which was recommended by the German Academy for Language and Literature and awarded the Günter Kunert Literature Prize for Poetry in 2022 – and her praised translation of Ilya Kaminsky’s Deaf Republic. Kampmann was most recently a fellow of the German Literature Fund, and is currently working on her second novel, forthcoming in 2024, as well as her first piece of music. The Bavarian Academy of fine arts rewarded her with the Rainer Malkowski prize for “(…) a voice in which the language of poetry is always palpable, even in prose.” 

In Memoriam Andrew Singer

In Memoriam Andrew Singer

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Trafika Europe Director, Andrew Singer, after a battle with illness. Andrew graced us all with his writing, art, and his love of literature. He began Trafika Europe in 2014 after living and working in Europe as an educator and cultural journalist. Since then, he has curated a community of authors, translators, and likeminded individuals to share European literature in English translation. We intend on continuing the project to continue Andrew’s legacy and we appreciate any patience as many of us transition into new roles with new responsibilities. If you would like to get in contact with Trafika Europe, please reach out to us using this email:

Andrew Singer Black and White Photo
Trafika Europe Radio launches season six!

Trafika Europe Radio launches season six!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Trafika Europe Radio’s sixth season, free online, with some great literary guests in September!

Irish poet and novelist Colm Tóibín, Italian crime fiction writer Gaetano Savatteri, Icelandic author Thora Hjörleifsdóttir, Austrian novelist Peter Karoshi, and French author Victor Jestin are just some of the highlights in the coming month – in various series, including Women in Translation, Literary Music, French Forays, Eco-Lit, Bowery Poetry Speaks, The Middle Ground – and we’re also reprising our wonderful series, Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature, in partnership with several European organizations, to bring you 13 new episodes with EUPL-awarded authors and titles this season! And more!

You can click this banner photo to see our September schedule at a glance.

Please scroll down for detailed show descriptions and times – and please sign up on our Livestream page ( to stay informed on future shows!

If you miss an episode, of course you can always find it later in its series archive.

We’re launching season six on Sunday 18 September. Here following is the complete TERadio schedule for September, firstly in brief, and then with detailed show descriptions and times below that. Enjoy!


Sunday 18 September 2022, from 11:00am EDT = 4:00pm BST = 5:00pm CEST

Women in Translation ep. 51 – Icelandic author Thora Hjörleifsdóttir with translator Meg Matich: Magma

Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature ep. 27 – Austrian novelist Peter Karoshi: To the Elephants

French Forays ep. 25 – French author Victor Jestin with translator Sam Taylor: Heatwave

Bowery Poetry Speaks ep. 55 – Irish poet and novelist Colm Tóibín: Vinegar Hill

Sunday 25 September 2022, from 11:00am EDT = 4:00pm BST = 5:00pm CEST

Eco-Lit ep. 16 – British poet Philip Burton: Gaia Warnings

Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature ep. 28 – Italian poet and novelist Daniele Mencarelli: Always Return

The Joe Show ep. 05 – A deep dive on Roma (gypsy) “crossover” music

Bowery Poetry Speaks ep. 56 – Italian crime fiction author Gaetano Savatteri with translator Steve Eaton: A Conspiracy of Talkers

—– —–

Here now is this same September schedule in more detail:

Sunday 18 September 2022:

11:00am EDT (in New York) = 4:00pm BST (in the UK) = 5:00pm CEST (in much of Europe) – Women in Translation ep. 51 (35-minute audio) – Icelandic author Thora Hjörleifsdóttir and translator Meg Matich: Magma

Icelandic author Thora Hjörleifsdóttir and translator Meg Matich speak with host Jordan Rouleau about Thora’s debut novel, Magma, available from Black Cat, an imprint of Grove Atlantic. This novel explores the darkest corners of relationships, capturing an ugly, hidden nature of love. This interview features a bilingual reading from the book in original Icelandic and English translation.

“Magma is a luminous and poetic novel unlike any I have ever read. How to describe the slow escalation by which possession becomes control, and power abuse? Thora Hjörleifsdóttir shows how and the effects are shocking and beautiful. She has created a whole new landscape for storytelling.”—John Freeman

12:00pm EDT = 5:00pm BST = 6:00pm CEST – Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature ep. 27 – Austrian novelist Peter Karoshi: To the Elephants (42-minute audio)

“Theo’s life has reached a deadlock. In an attempt to hold onto his family, he takes his son Moritz on a journey along the route taken centuries earlier by Emperor Maximilian II, bringing the elephant Suleiman from the Mediterranean to Vienna. They are on a voyage of discovery leading them to the past and its recollections which takes a dramatic turn…

“A novella combining stylistic precision with a dreamlike atmosphere in a way that translates the tone of Austrian modernist Robert Musil’s Three Women into the present day”

1:00pm EDT = 6:00pm BST = 7:00pm CEST – French Forays ep. 25 – French author Victor Jestin with translator Sam Taylor: Heatwave

“[Heatwave] is a searingly vivid novel that depicts the torments of adolescence in a sensual, carnal way. But it is also a profound meditation on the mystery of evil, our deadly urges, and the savagery that lies deep within each of us. I loved the writing, which is spare but highly evocative, and I admired the way that the author used the enclosed world of the campsite to fuel the claustrophobic tension that mounts throughout.” —Leila Slimani, author

2:00pm EDT = 7:00pm BST = 8:00pm CEST – Bowery Poetry Speaks ep. 55 – Irish poet and novelist Colm Tóibín: Vinegar Hill (42-minute audio)

In this episode, host Joe Williams speaks with legendary Irish novelist Colm Tóibín about his debut poetry collection, Vinegar Hill, decades in the making. They also discuss Colm’s life in literature, and how his novels The Master and The Magician aim to recreate the psychology of seminal 20th authors. Vinegar Hill is available now from Carcanet Press.

—– —–
—– —–

Sunday 25 September 2022:

11:00am EDT (in New York) = 4:00pm BST (in the UK) = 5:00pm CEST (in much of Europe) – Eco-Lit ep. 16 – British poet Philip Burton: Gaia Warnings

Host Samuel Jayasi speaks with poet Philip Burton, focusing on his poetry collection, Gaia Warnings – dedicated to the urgency of climate change and the relationship humankind has with nature. This book is available from Palewell Press.

“Philip Burton’s evocations are an important and relevant access point to nature’s plight. Seeding adoration and passion for nature into the day-to-day impact human beings have on it, re-establishing that integral link between people and the environment, is a potent way to rally a disconnected public for the final fight to save the natural world.”

12:00pm EDT = 5:00pm BST = 6:00pm CEST – Spotlighting the EU Prize for Literature ep. 28 – Italian poet and novelist Daniele Mencarelli: Always Return

This is the third novel in Daniele’s autobiographical trilogy. Host Andrew Singer speaks with him all about this EUPL-recognized novel, the grand trilogy of which it plays a part, and his life in literature generally, and we enjoy an excerpt from this candid, tumultuous work.

Daniele’s answers are presented fully bilingually (in original Italian and in English translation).

1:00pm EDT = 6:00pm BST = 7:00pm CEST – The Joe Show ep. 05 – A deep dive on Roma (gypsy) “crossover” music

[Details of this exciting audio documentary will follow shortly]

2:00pm EDT = 7:00pm BST = 8:00pm CEST – Bowery Poetry Speaks ep. 56 – Italian crime fiction author Gaetano Savatteri: A Conspiracy of Talkers

Host Joe Williams interviews Italian journalist and author Gaetano Savatteri and translator Steve Eaton about Gaetano’s novel, A Conspiracy of Talkers, available now from Italica Press. This novella exploits the conventions of the crime thriller genre to offer a cross-section of Sicilian society and shed light on how justice was executed in Allied-occupied Sicily. This episode features a bilingual reading from the book.

Gaetano’s answers are live-interpreted into English by Cinzia Russi.

—– —–
—– —–

Thanks – we hope to see you here!

Trafika Europe Radio Season Five Launches Sunday 27 February 2022

Trafika Europe Radio Season Five Launches Sunday 27 February 2022

Trafika Europe Radio is launching its fifth season with an exceptional literary line-up, featuring:

– Bulgarian-German author Ilija Trojanow on his ecological novel, The Lamentations of Zeno, and some implications for the world

– Legendary Romanian poet Ana Blandiana with translator Viorica Patea and host Fiona Sampson, on Ana’s recent poetry collection, Five Books

– Leading translator Bill Johnston discussing his translation from French of Jean Giono’s Ennemonde

– Iconic Italian poet Franca Mancinelli in conversation with translator and poet John Taylor

Detailed descriptions follow:

Our programming day begins on Sunday 27 February 2022 at 11:00am EST (New York time) = 4:00pm GMT (UK) = 5:00pm CET (Paris, Rome, & Berlin) = 6:00pm EET (Romania & Bulgaria). Each next show then starts at the top of the following hour — like this:

11amEST/4pmGMT/5pmCET/6pmEET: Eco-Lit #14 – Ilija Trojanow: The Lamentations of Zeno

We kick off the season with a deep dive into the consequences of climate change and the power of identities. Host Ilka Demmler talks with German-Bulgarian author Ilija Trojanow about his environmental novel The Lamentations of Zeno, focusing on emotional aspects of the devastation caused by climate change and the influence of identities on our life. With two readings from the novel, in German read by the author and in English translation read by Cameron Green, this very special interview conveys a message we hope you will hear along with us. The Lamentations of Zeno has been translated by Phillip Boehm and was published in English in 2016 by Verso Books.

12pmEST/5pmGMT/6pmCET/7pmEET: The Middle Ground #29 – Ana Blandiana (fully bi-lingual Romanian-English)

Ana Blandiana is one of Romania’s foremost poets, a leading dissident before the fall of Communism. Over the years, her poetry became symbolic of an ethical consciousness that refuses to be silenced by totalitarian governments. In this episode, host Fiona Sampson focuses with Ana on Five Books. This new work out from Bloodaxe Books combines five of her collections – three of protest poems from the 1980s followed by her two collections of love poetry – in fresh translations by Paul Scott Derrick and Viorica Patea. This episode features live translation by Viorica Patea, with poems from each of the five volumes – sublime!

And by the way, UK poet, editor, biographer, and translator Fiona Sampson will be hosting all of season five of The Middle Ground on Trafika Europe Radio, focusing her immense talent and knowledge on selected writers from across Central and Eastern Europe! We’re glad and grateful for this excellent cooperation.

1pmEST/6pmGMT/7pmCET/8pmEET: French Forays #21 — Bill Johnston on translating Ennemonde

Renowned translator from Polish and French, Bill Johnston, discusses with host Clayton McKee his translation of Jean Giono’s Ennemonde. He describes his translation process, nuances of translating Polish and French, and how he became such a fan of Giono’s work.

2pmEST/7pmGMT/8pmCET: Bowery Poetry Speaks #43 — Italian poet Franca Mancinelli

Franca Mancinelli is one of the most original poets to have emerged in Italy during the past fifteen years. In English, her prose poems are available in The Little Book of Passage (The Bitter Oleander Press, 2018) and her verse poetry in At an Hour’s Sleep from Here (The Bitter Oleander Press, 2019), both books translated by John Taylor, who interviews her here about her poetry, with generous bilingual excerpt readings.

Please sign up with your email on our livestream page to stay informed on future programming:

Thanks from us at Trafika Europe Radio – Europe’s literary radio station, free online

European Literature Night 2021 NYC on Trafika Europe Radio!

Worlds meet at multicultural European Literature Night: a presentation of 11 books from 10 European countries!

This entire five-hour extravaganza has been rebroadcast in full on the Trafika Europe Radio livestream Sunday 05 December 2021, and is now available on our Focus on Festivals series page <<click here>>, for listening on-demand anytime.

This marathon event was held in the Bohemian National Hall of the Czech Center in Manhattan on Monday, November 22, 2021, moderated by Trafika Europe Radio director Andrew Singer, and includes a great panel discussion: “European Regions: Progress in literary culture” (see below for detailed descriptions).

European Literature Night has been organized by the Czech Center New York in collaboration with the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC). In detail, we’re presenting it in five episodes as follows:

Episode 1 of 5 (46 minutes): Introductory remarks by Director of the Czech Center New York Miroslav Konvalina and EUNIC New York President Dorian Branea; actor Edoardo Ballerini presenting poetry from the anthology Those Who from Afar Look Like Flies (Italy); author Stefan Kutzenberger: Jokerman (Austria)

Episode 2 of 5 (59 minutes): translator Megan Thomas: The Career of Nicodemus Dyzma by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz, and translator Sean Bye: The King of Warsaw by Szczepan Twardoch (Poland); author Kirmen Uribe: Bilbao-New York-Bilbao (Spain); composer Bálint Varga presenting poetry by Sándor Halmosi (Hungary)

Episode 3 of 5 (58 minutes): Panel discussion — “European Regions: Progress in Literary Culture” — in light of recent political and economic trends counter to a more unified Europe, panelists assess progress culturally and consider current and new approaches and understandings of European literary cultures and regions. The episode begins with remarks by Ambassador Silvio Gonzato, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to the United Nations. Panelists: author Stephen Kutzenberger (Austria); translators Megan Thomas and Sean Bye (Poland); author Alek Popov (Bulgaria); translator Hugo de Santos (Portugal); author Alta Ifland (Romania), and author Kirmen Uribe (Spain) — moderated by Andrew Singer.

Episode 4 of 5 (60 minutes): author Alek Popov: Mission Turan (Bulgaria); translators Elena Sokol and Véronique Firkusny: City of Torment by Daniela Hodrová (Czech Republic); actor Katarina Vizina: The Bloody Sonnets by Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav (Slovakia)

Episode 5 of 5 (42 minutes): author Alta Ifland: The Wife Who Wasn’t (Romania); translator Hugo de Santos: A Child in Ruins, poetry by José Luís Peixoto (Portugal); closing remarks

Thanks to these partners for support and participation:













Trafika Europe season two launch – 04 October 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of Trafika Europe Radio season two on Sunday 04 October 2020. To listen live: On launch day we’ll be featuring the following five episodes in our Livestream:

12pm in NY = 5pm in London — Dalkey Archive Press: Black on White — Host Andrew Singer interviews publisher John O’Brien about the Press, including some of its many highlights in publishing key European literary works in English over the years. (50 minutes)

1pm in NY = 6pm in London = 8pm in Romania — The Middle Ground — Romanian author Bogdan Suceavă and translator Alistair Ian Blyth discuss some developments of Romanian language and history in the context of the short story, “The Miraculous Tale of Man’s Ascent to the Heavens“. Includes a full audio reading of this story by the translator. The Middle Ground is a new audio series on Trafika Europe Radio showcasing literature from Central and Eastern Europe! (45 minutes)

2pm in NY = 7pm in London = 8pm in Spain — Bowery Poetry Speaks — Translator Daniel Hahn speaks with host Joe Williams about My Plague Diary, a set of experimental literary pieces in Spanish by Gonçalo M.Tavares. Includes readings from the work in translation. Excerpts of this work will be appearing in the forthcoming Trafika Europe 19 with focus on new literature from Spain and Portugal, due out in November! (47 minutes)

3pm in NY = 8pm in London = 10pm in Turkey — Turkish Sofa — Çağla Meknuze speaks with Alper Ağdaşan about her poetry, metaphors and allusions. She discusses her poetry through experiments abroad and in Turkey, as well as at poetry festivals, and we enjoy a cappella in English extracted from her poems and performed by the dancer Mairi Pardalaki (23 minutes)

4pm in NY = 9pm in London and Portugal — Women in Translation — Portuguese author and performer Patrícia Portela and translator Rahul Bery talk with host Joe Williams. The short story “Saturday” will be included in Trafika Europe 19, an issue devoted to new Spanish and Portuguese writing, due out in November. This episode contains some audio anomalies – sorry about that! (53 minutes)

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