Trafika Europe is excited to begin our 2024 season and we are here to announce the start of our programming. This includes all of our usual content, free online, as well as our new member-specific content! Here is a glimpse at what is coming this week and what is to come after:

  • On January 19, 2024, at 12 am EST, we will launch our first issue! Essential New Literature of Lesser-Known Languages of Europe is a treasure cove of amazing literature. Languages represented include Cornish, Latgalian, Luxembourgish, Faroese, Yiddish, Breton, Irish, Basque, Lemko, Sámi, and Romani. There are multiple ways to enjoy, including on our website (free), as a TE E-Reader, as a TE Audiobook Listener, or purchase an electronic/print copy!
  • Also on January 19th, we will be releasing our first podcast of the year! Naturally, the only way to kick off the launch of the new issue is with an episode by Latgalian poet, Ligija Purinaša, and Latgalian translator, Jayde Will. You can check out the episode on our website or other podcast streaming sites (just search “Trafika Europe Radio”).
  • This week, our member benefits begin! Check out our Patreon for details. That means TE E-Readers (or above) will have access to an electronic version of our first issue, made available on the 19th. Check out our previous issues to see what you can expect.

Of course, our progress doesn’t stop there! Here’s a teaser about what to expect moving forward:

  • Every Friday, we will be releasing a podcast episode at midnight. Here is our schedule for the next few weeks:

  • For the TE Audiobook Listeners (or above), your benefits will begin on January 26 with the release of our first audio excerpt. We will begin with our latest issue before we go back to past issues.   A new reading will be posted every week and will only be available to members with access to the excerpts.

We really look forward to launching into this new era and we hope to see you engaging in our literary community. Reach out if you have any questions about memberships or thoughts on our project ( or leave a comment on this post!

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