Announcing Trafika Europe 22: Potpourri

Our latest journal issue -> TE22 Potpourri <- contains new European literature by Michèle Rakotoson (French-Malagasy), Jacek Gutorow (Polish), Kathrin Schmidt (German), Lilja Sigurðardóttir (Icelandic), Manuel Baixauli (Catalan), Isabelle Baladine Howald (French), Andrea Lundgren (Swedish), Lada Vukić (Croatian), Heidi Amsinck (Norwegian), Antonella Lattanzi (Italian), Ángelo Néstore (Spanish), and Lejla Kalamujić (Bosnian).

To accompany this issue contents, we’ve got audio episodes archived or forthcoming on Trafika Europe Radio with these following authors and translators.

Already available for listening anytime:

TE22-01: Enjoy an interview with translator Allison M. Charette as the October 03, 2021 episode of our -> French Forays <- series on Trafika Europe Radio – includes excerpt reading from Lalana (48-minute audio)

TE22-03: Author Kathrin Schmidt speaks all about her experience which went into the writing of You’re Not Dying, in the November 07, 2021 episode of -> Women in Translation <- includes excerpts (45-minute audio)

TE22-10: Stash Luczkiw speaks about his work translating Antonella Lattanzi‘s novel, This Looming Day — it’s the November 21, 2021 episode of -> Women in Translation <- (36-minute audio)

TE22-12: For a great talk with author Lejla Kalamujić and translator Jennifer Zoble all about the collection of stories, Call Me Esteban, please check out the November 14, 2021 episode of -> Women in Translation <- (39-minute audio)

And please check back for these additional audio episodes connected with this issue, forthcoming in our Trafika Europe Radio season 5!

TE22-04: Icelandic author Lilja Sigurðardóttir and translator Quentin Bates speaks about her novel, Cold as Hell, on an upcoming episode of -> Bowery Poetry Speaks <-;

TE22-07: Andrea Lundgren speaks about her book, Nordic Fauna, and

TE22-08: Croatian author Lada Vukić and translator Christina Pribićević-Zorić speak about the novel, Special Needs, on a forthcoming episode of -> Women in Translation <-

Stay tuned!

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