The excerpts from Virgil’s Fountain / Fenten Feryl appear courtesy of Clive Boutle of Francis Boutle Publishers.

The poems from Pierobežas / Borderlands are excerpted courtesy of translator Jayde Will.

Photo of Ligija Purinaša by Raivis Nikolajevs.

Photo of Jayde Will by Inga Pizane.

Jeff Schinker’s Sabotage, translated by Alasdair Reinert, appears courtesy of the author.

Kim Simonsen’s poems, translated by Randi Ward, appear courtesy of the translator.

Photo of Kim Simonsen by Thomas Koba

Photo of Randi Ward by Perry Bennett.

The short story, “The Old Well Underneath the Old Walnut Tree” by Boris Sandler in translation by Jordan Kutzik, appears courtesy of the translator.

Mich Beyer’s Planedenn paotr e bluenn / The Destiny of the One Who Wrote in translation by Kuzul ar Brezhoneg appears courtesy of An Alarc’h.

Poems by Olena Duc-Fajfer translated by Elaine Rusinko and Bogdan Horbal appear courtesy of the author.

The excerpt of Máire Zepf’s verse novel Nóinin / Daisy appears courtesy of the author and publisher Cois Life Teoranta.

The excerpt from Euri zitalari esker / Thanks to the Acid Rain by Itxaro Borda in English translation by Clayton McKee appears courtesy of the author. A special thanks to Itxaro for translating the Basque into French.

Máret Ánne Sara’s Ilmmiid Gaskkas / In Between Worlds in English translation by Laura Janda is excerpted courtesy of DAT.

Photo by Máret Ánne Sara by Frank Lande.

Alija Krasnići’s poems translated by Teodora Avramovic appear courtesy of the author.

A special thanks to John Cox for his support in communicating with Alija Krasnići.

Thanks to Thomas Porte for sharing his amazing photography.

A very special thanks to TE intern Veronika Miskowiec and veteran editor Joe Williams for their support and work on this issue.

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